Build fast with Shido, a CSS framework for building custom designs without any annoying style or component you have to fight to override.

Shido is different from others css frameworks, it doesn't have preloaded UI kits. Provide only what is necessary to design your web pages, like margins, font sizes, positioning, colors, helpers, that kind of thing. You won't find ready-to-use components like buttons and navigation bars, in fact if you are looking for some Ui kit such as Bootstrap or Foundation maybe Shido is not for you. It is up to you to use Shido to create your own components, this provides immense freedom where others only restrict what you create.

For artisans

Create your own components without worrying about the basics, Shido will not impose predefined styles that you later have to cancel or overwrite.


Need fewer font sizes, maybe more padding classes? Modify some variables and adapt it to your project.


Easy to integrate via CDN, Less or Sass, just select the method you want to use and you're done.


You can add plugins, but Shido doesn't need JavaScript to work. Everything is on board, ready to start.


Font sizes, margins, alignment, and more! You will be amazed at how easy and fast it is to create interfaces with Shido

Made with love

Project after project, the code and functionality are reviewed, making constant improvements.

It’s for you!

I needed a flexible and easily customizable framework without any kind of preloaded UI that had to be overwritten in every project. There wasn't any that would meet my needs. So it came about, Shido